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SE-CREA - Socio-Emotional learning and CREAtivity.

SE-CREA - Socio-Emotional learning and CREAtivity.



ERC Sectors

SH4_2 - Human life-span development


The interest of the Research group includes the study of social-relational skills, also known as Life and Soft Skills, as factors for promoting adaptation and social inclusion within the different contexts of development in the life cycle, with particular reference to children and adolescents, and through the implementation of intervention projects. Together and taking into account the above-mentioned main developmental contexts (family, school, peers, fourth context [extra-school, sport, leisure]), the in-depth study also concerns soft-skills including creativity and social-emotional skills, and the assumption of behaviors and lifestyles at risk that are interconnected to the field of social-relational skills.

Topic 1

Promotion and monitoring Socio-Emotional Competencies of teachers/students in schools of all levels in the Piedmont region. Through the use of Italian and international instruments and the subsequent collection and analysis of data, specific proposals are created based on the results. Monitoring is accompanied by the proposal of professional training courses for teachers and their students. Thanks to the collaboration and co-design with schools, creation of a health promotion committee within each partner institution, we facilitate the dissemination of an approach that involves the school community (principal’s office, teachers, non-teachers, students and their parents).

Topic 2

Promotion and evaluation of creative potential, divergent thinking, creative personality and problem solving skills among students and teachers of all grades, with particular focus on the difference between digital natives and digital immigrants, through the use of traditional paper-based tools and digitized versions. Through workshop training, we promote the ability to think "outside the box" developing not only the ability to solve problems but also to identify them in different contexts. Through creative writing courses and the use of thinkering, we promote creativity as an opportunity for personal growth and resilience, in terms of rediscovering one's own resources to cope with stressful situations.

Topic 3

As part of the promotion of social-emotional skills and creativity within the school and informal education contexts such as sports, an initiative was created to co-design the promotion of motor activity starting from children's awareness of their own bodies. In particular, through the promotion of a system-approach to encourage movement experienced at an individual level and during social school time, both in presence and remotely and / or in a hybrid form. With a focus on transversal skills including self-awareness and body awareness, for children, transmitted through movement and motor activity. For instructors, on the other hand, it is proposed the promotion of a course dedicated to the awareness of the educational experience of physical activity and sports.

  • ASL TO3 S.S. Health Promotion Piedmont Region (2020 and 2021) with the project SE-CREA & COVID19 - Creating Movement (and which has been included in the Regional Catalogue);
  • Istituto Comprensivo Leonardo Da Vinci-2020-convention with the project SE-CREA
  • Schools for Health in Europe (SHE)-2019-membership to the European network of schools that promote health
  • Istituto IC Torino II (Morelli-Aurora School)-2018-convention with the project SE-CREA
  • DoRS - Documentation Center for Health Promotion-2019 (collaboration without a formal agreement)
  • Collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, which takes place through:
    - the writing of European projects (which have not yet received funding) and co-designs on the topics of artificial intelligence in support of formal and informal education, computational models of learning and creativity, machine learning, digitization of creativity tools, performing arts and social inclusion.
    - grant received for the project "Social4School", aimed at the prevention of online risk behaviors in primary and secondary school, through gamification.
  • Multi-year collaboration with the Neuromuscular Function Research group from SUISM - Department of Medical Sciences on projects related to the promotion of psychosocial well-being and prevention of risk and their mediators, taking into account individual and environmental factors that can help improve the quality of life of individuals (children, adolescents and the elderly). Among these, one of the channels of collaboration and research concerns aging under both normative and fragile conditions and the study of processes and factors (individual and environmental) that contribute to optimal development and successful aging. These are implemented using a prevention approach through the promotion of correct and healthy lifestyles.



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Z-LAB - LABORATORIO PER BAMBINI by the Circolo del Design and the SE-CREA research group/Department of Psychology
UNITO- SHARPER-European Researchers’ Night, 24th September, 2021
Le risorse degli adolescenti in periodo pandemico: il ruolo dell’autoefficacia e della creatività” Aurelia De Lorenzo et al.-Conferenza: XXXIII National congress of the Italian Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology, 21st September, 2021
Nuove sfumature relazionali, verticali e orizzontali, durante la pandemia: la prospettiva degli studenti” Lynda S. Lattke et al.-Conference: XXXIII National congress of the Italian Association of Developmental and Educational Psychology, 22nd September, 2021
How did body image affect self-efficacy during the pandemic period? A mediation study on Italian adolescents” Aurelia De Lorenzo et al.-EADP Summer Tour 2021 on Developmental Trends: concerns and opportunities organized by the Polish Association of Human Development Psychology, September 10th, 2021
Socio-relational well-being and dropout in vocational schools: a study on school engagement and satisfaction alla SHE academy, 4-6 Novembre, 2020-Lynda S. Lattke, Aurelia De Lorenzo, Michele Settanni and Emanuela Rabaglietti

The role of self-efficacy as a mediator between the perception of the difficulties of distance learning and perceived stress amongst teachers in Italy and the rest of Europe alla SHE Research Group meeting October 28-29, 2020-De Lorenzo Aurelia, Lattke Lynda S., Tesauri Beatrice, Rabaglietti Emanuela

Lo stress percepito degli insegnanti nell’organizzazione della didattica a distanza (DAD) attraverso la mediazione dell’autoefficacia: uno studio cross-national- September 2020 Aurelia De Lorenzo, Lynda Lattke, Beatrice Tesauri, Emanuela Rabaglietti-Conference: Giornate di Studio “Emergenza Covid-19. Ricadute evolutive ed educative” AIP della Sezione di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e dell’Educazione At: Bari

SE-CREA al tempo del COVID19: la Scuola affronta l'emergenza Presentation at the World Health Organization (Regional office for Europe)-COVID 19 Italy Vulnerabilities (CIV-N) Network: L’altro lato del COVID- 19: un’opportunità per una scuola più sana ed equa in Italia on data collected from our teacher survey

Socio-relational well-being and dropout in vocational schools: a study on school engagement and satisfaction - November 2019
Lynda Lattke, Aurelia De Lorenzo, Michele Settanni, Emanuela Rabaglietti-Conference: Well-being in Education Systems (Locarno, Switzerland )

Certo che sono connesso!!: nativi digitali e comportamenti a rischio nell’uso dei social media - September 2019 Aurelia De Lorenzo, Michele Settanni, Davide Marengo, Sara Capecchi, Ruggero Gaetano Pensa, Emanuela Rabaglietti
Conference: XXXII Congresso Nazionale AIP della sezione di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e Educazione

A scuola, io insieme con...Adolescenti tra competenze socio-relazionali e rischio di dispersione scolastica - September 2019
Emanuela Rabaglietti, Lynda Lattke, Aurelia De Lorenzo, Michele Settanni-Conference: XXXII Congresso Nazionale AIP della sezione di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e Educazione

La Creatività e i tratti di Personalità: differenze di genere nella scuola primaria - March 2019
Aurelia De Lorenzo, Adele Mauri, Emanuela Rabaglietti
Conference: XVI Giornate di aggiornamento sull'uso degli strumenti in psicologia clinica dello sviluppo At: Bologna

Fattori emozionali della Creatività: uno studio pilota nella scuola primaria con il Test della Personalità Creativa di Williams (TCD) - March 2018
Aurelia De Lorenzo, Adele Mauri, Emanuela Rabaglietti
Conference: XV giornate di aggiornamento sull’uso degli strumenti in Psicologia clinica dello sviluppo Bologna, 9-10 marzo 2018 At: Bologna

ReCreAtion-expressive and creative writing to re-discover one's resources-I edition (July 2020), II edition (May 2021)

COSP seminar on orientation and study strategies: "How to motivate adolescents to study? Comparison of resources and strategies." (Nov. 21, 2019-Turin)

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