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SAMBA (SpAtial, Motor & Bodily Awareness)

SAMBA (SpAtial, Motor & Bodily Awareness)



ERC Sectors

LS5_7 - Sensory systems, sensation and perception, including pain
LS5_8 - Neural basis of behaviour
LS5_11 - Neurological and neurodegenerative disorders
SH4_3 - Clinical and health psychology
SH4_4 - Neuropsychology


Our scientific approach is multidisciplinary in nature, being based on the convergence of different methods of investigation: psychophysics, behavioral analysis, neuropsychology, functional neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and others. This allows formulating at best questions regarding the biological basis of cognitive functions.

Research Topics

  • Bodily Self

The bodily self stands at the root of human nature being ubiquitous to any subjective experiences and the most familiar object we encounter. It arises from the interplay between different sensorimotor and cognitive mechanisms. We aim at pinpointing the anatomofunctional nature of the bodily self.

  • Neurogastronomy

Food and wine consumption start from perception, pass through creating motivation, and end in actual movements. We aim at analyzing the mechanisms subserving the perception-motivation-action flow underpinning any eating/drinking behavior.

  • Dog Cognition

Canis familiaris is an important model to examine different questions regarding the evolution of cognitive abilities. We aim at understanding what it is like to be a dog and how it compares to humans.

  • Sport Neuroscience

At the heart of sport performances are very complex dynamics involving body mechanics and neural control. We aim at studying the relationship between our nervous systems and performance in sporting activities.


  • TMS (Magstim Rapid2)
  • fMRI (Philips 3 Tesla)
  • tDCS (HDCstim, Newronika) tDCS
  • EEG (HandyEEG, Micromed)
  • Poligrafo (Biopac MP150)
  • CCS (DS7AH, Digitimer)
  • Eye tracker (Arrington Research)
  • Immersive Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift S)
  • Rubber hand illusion setting (prosthesis hands and box)
  • Prismatic Lenses  (11 diopters)


  • 2008 - CRT Foundation Grant Secrets of the brain and frontiers of the mind (€ 20000 to Anna Berti & Lorenzo Pia)
  • 2009 - Piedmont Region Grant Consapevolezza dello spazio vicino e lontano nell’uomo: uno studio integrato fMRI/TMS (€ 40000 to Anna Berti)
  • 2009 - Bracco s.p.a. Grant Ai confini della coscienza (€ 20000 to Anna Berti & Lorenzo Pia)
  • 2012 - PRIN MIUR Grant Basi neurali della consapevolezza corporea: evidenze nei soggetti normali e nei pazienti con lesioni cerebrali (€ 109448 to Anna Berti)
  • 2012 - San Paolo Foundation Grant Basi neurali della consapevolezza motoria e corporea (€ 92910 to Anna Berti)




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