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Evidence-based Psychological Assessment (EPA)




Giromini, Luciano, Viglione, Donald J , Zennaro, Alessandro, Cauda, Franco (2017)
Neural activity during production of rorschach responses: An fMRI study.

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Validity and Reliability of the Interpersonal Competence Questionnaire: Empirical Evidence from an Italian Study.

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A longitudinal study on emotional dysregulation and obesity risk: From pregnancy to 3 years of age of the baby.

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Impact of Police Academy Training on Recruits' Integrity.

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Indicatori fisiologici della capacità di regolare emozioni.

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The Development of the Inventory of Problems?29: A Brief Self-Administered Measure for Discriminating Bona Fide From Feigned Psychiatric and Cognitive Complaints.

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The Effects of Using the International Versus Comprehensive System Rorschach Norms For Children, Adolescents, and Adults.

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Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS) and vulnerability to stress: A preliminary study on electrodermal activity during stress.

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A Brazilian Investigation of the 36- and 16-Item Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scales.

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The effects of neurological priming on the Rorschach: A pilot experiment on the human movement response.

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When Therapists Cry: Implications for Supervision and Training.

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Embodied simulation and ambiguous stimuli: The role of the mirror neuron system.

Luciano Giromini, Emanuela Brusadelli, Barbara Di Noto, Roberta Grasso, Margherita Lang (2015)
Measuring psychological mindedness: validity, reliability, and relationship with psychopathology of an Italian version of the Balanced Index of Psychological Mindedness.

Luciano Giromini, Donald J Viglione, Emanuela Brusadelli, Margherita Lang, Jennifer B Reese, Alessandro Zennaro (2015)
Cross-Cultural Validation of the Rorschach Developmental Index.

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Gender moderates the relationship between attachment insecurities and emotion dysregulation.

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Excessive food intake and emotion dysregulation.

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Childhood overweight and obesity: extending the knowledge through the lens of the emotion regulation paradigm.

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The impact of maternal overweight and emotion regulation on early eating behaviors.

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Introducing a Bayesian Approach to Determining Degree of Fit With Existing Rorschach Norms.

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Developing Continuous Variable Composites for Rorschach Measures of Thought Problems, Vigilance, and Suicide Risk.

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A Comparison Between Comprehensive System and an Early Version of the Rorschach Performance Assessment System Administration with Outpatient Children and Adolescents.

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Mirroring Activity in the Brain and Movement Determinant in the Rorschach Test.

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Suppression of Aggressive Rorschach Responses Among Violent Offenders and Non-Offenders.

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