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The active body in the conscious brain:physiological basis or motor an corporal awareness

Progetti internazionali
Programma di ricerca
SIR - Scientific Independence of young Researchers -2014
Ente finanziatore
Settore ERC
SH4_4 - Cognitive and experimental psychology: perception, action, and higher cognitive processes
25/09/2015 - 25/09/2018
Francesca Garbarini

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Descrizione del progetto

 The general goal of the project is to create an integrated model of motor and bodily awareness investigating how specific cortical regions are implicated in the emergence of the conscious experience of the self as an acting body . The research is focused on brain-damaged patients showing a novel monotematic delusion of body ownership, recently described in our Lab in Turin and called Alien Limb Embodiment. Brain-damaged patients are tested using well-characterized cognitive tasks and established instrumental techniques, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Electroencephalography and Electromyography. Similar cognitive tasks are also employed in patients with brain tumor undergoing awake surgery and intraoperative functional brain mapping with Direct Electrical Stimulation.

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